Akon & Akon Lighting Africa

August 10, 2017

Beacon of Hope UAE is blessed to have formed strong and impactful collaborations, such as our partnership with Akon and Akon Lighting Africa .  Akon Lighting Africa is a social enterprise that endeavors to put solar street lights in rural areas of Africa, where the electrical grids are still decades away from reaching.  With energy poverty being abject in most regions of Africa, Akon is making a large-scale impact across the continent.

With Beacon of Hope UAE and Akon Lighting Africa supporting one another to make our impact much greater, we recently traveled together to the refugee camps in Jordan, where Akon Lighting Africa, in tandem with companies, Solketra, Sunna Design and MeGreen, donated ten solar street lamps to the Mrajeeb Al Fhood refugee camp. While there is lighting around the perimeter of the camp, the areas between the housing units is largely dark, making nighttime movement, visibility and safety challenging.  With these solar street lights, the residents of the camp can now see after dark, enjoying a better quality of life, and a greater measure of security.  

We thank Akon for traveling with us on this Beacon of Hope UAE mission to Jordan, and we salute his generosity and willingness to expand the reach of Akon Lighting Africa to impact the refugees and displaced persons who live without so much of what we take for granted. 



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