Volunteers Perspective...


Dear Hope Makers,

As we spend time on social media platforms, lingering in-between those birthday posts and holiday pictures, we find the social issues affecting our communities, which often go unrecognized when we are too busy with our selfies. When you begin to pay attention to the issues and the change-makers, the sense of curiosity and passion towards social issue begins to rise in your mind and you wonder how can you align yourself with the term 'social advocate'.  How can you, yourself, make a difference?


 Beacon of Hope believes that the act of volunteering can lead us to the path to be an advocate for a social change. This task involves an individual’s time and effort dedicated to someone in need. This act of kindness not only benefits the person who is receiving the help but also the one who is providing it. Every student - regardless of age or focus - should pursue active volunteerism, making a social impact on society.


Volunteering builds your self-esteem, motivates others, and allows you to affect positive change on humanity. Volunteering is small gesture but will make a huge impact on someone’s life. I urge everyone to take the initiative, be patient and listen to those in need, as these are the important rules to building successful personal development, understanding and depth, which will impact not only your personal life, but your business perspective, as well.

 Let us stand in solidarity changing our personal status from “self” to “selfless”.
Anamika, student
Middlesex University Dubai 

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